Production Facilities  

Apex Pharmaceuticals has a state-of-the-art production facility designed to facilitate the production of the highest quality products. This production facility is located at Karachi’s new industrial hub the Super Highway S.I.T.E. Industrial Area. Apex Pharmaceuticals adheres strictly to the principles of cGMP with its modernized production facilities, efficient production control, quality assurance, industrial safety, occupational health and environmental control systems.

Raw materials are sourced from globally renowned manufacturers. These materials are subjected to a demanding schedule for various testing procedures. Production of quality products at the manufacturing facility is approved through regular inspections of local regulatory authorities and the principal companies whose products are manufactured by Apex Pharmaceuticals.

At Apex Pharmaceuticals, quality management is our foremost concern because the company believes in building of quality right from the selection of raw material through the whole manufacturing process, till the end product. The qualitative edge of Apex Pharmaceuticals stems from our highly skilled work force and professional management backed by an ongoing integrated human resource training and development program.

This in turn ensures that every product bearing the name of Apex Pharmaceuticals meets the highest international quality standards of production, safety and efficacy, hence making the name of Apex Pharmaceuticals synonymous to ‘Quality’.

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