About Apex Pharmaceuticals  

Apex Pharmaceutical (Pvt) Ltd is located at SITE Super Highway. Apex is part of a group of companies already serving the pharmaceutical specialties since last decade with the name Excel Healthcare Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd. (www.xlhealthcarelab.com)

Apex is dedicated to enhancing human life through developing & manufacturing quality pharmaceutical products. The company was established in 2005 and started its sales & marketing operation in 12 mega cities of Pakistan with its head office in Karachi.

Fulfilling our vision to serve the nation with effective & quality pharmaceutical medicines, our manufacturing facility starts its operation in the year 2010.

We manufacture high-quality branded generics, that are leaders in their class, at our cGMP-compliant facility in Pakistan. Licensors, molecule owners and inventors from around the world can avail our toll manufacturing and/or licensing services.

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